Weekly Industry News (WIN) – Issue #186

Welcome back. New beginnings – new name but idea stays the same – weekly mobile gaming industry news. We’ve started naming the news Weekly Industry News. This way we have a nice acronym – WIN. That’s some serious branding now 🙂


GamesIndustry published their reflection on how much the games industry is actually going to change after the pandemic. They advise not to go too radical. Link.

Nexon’s CEO, Owen Mahoney, speaks about how COVID-19 has impacted their business, and what are the strengths of gaming within the entertainment industry in the current situation. Link.

A company is organizing meetings in Red Dead Redemption 2. Not much to add. Link.

Christopher Nolan’s Tenet trailer was revealed on Fornite. They also announced that another Nolan’s movie will be fully shown on the game later in the summer. Link.

Tencent is set to open a new AAA studio in North America, and has hired veteran developer Scott Warner as studio director. Link.

Pacman turned 40 today. Kotaku goes extensively through the history of the Japanese hit that was first released on May 22nd, 1980. Link.

Working Americans would rather play mobile games during breaks than drink coffee, according to a survey commissioned by King, maker of the popular Candy Crush franchise. The survey found that 83% of employed Americans play mobile games and that 55% of them play during breaks in their workdays. Among those who play at work, 65% choose to take a break with a mobile game, compared to 56% who choose a cup of coffee. Link.

Zynga has teased the look and gameplay of Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells, a new match-3 mobile game made in partnership with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The company released its first video (embedded in this story) of the game today. Link.

US publisher Take-Two Interactive has revealed that the company has 21 games “planned specifically” for the mobile platform over the next five fiscal years. On top of this, the company plans to seven more mobile games that will crossover with console, PC and/or streaming services. Overall, Take-Two plans to launch 93 games across all platforms before the end of fiscal year 2025. Link.


How to crack the Match 3 code? Om Tandom delivers the first part in his analysis of the Match 3 genre. Link.

The decoy effect, heavily used in pricing, is explained in by Lloyd Melnick. Link.

The popularity of merge games might be a puzzle to some, but the genre is definitely working for many gamers. It’s explained through the ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). Link.

Rewards vs. Incentives. The Psychology of Video Games lays out the difference between “reward” and “incentive”, and what’s their respective role in generating behaviours in players. Link.

China’s mobile game revenue reaches $7.7 billion during COVID-19. Link.

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