Industry News Weekly – Issue #131

The Rise of The Influencer — And Why Epics New Store Approach Is Huge

This article on Medium offers a nice overview and explanation of how influencers came to be and the reason behind their popularity. The author goes on to share how Epic will use influencers to curate and create the game discovery system on their new Epic Store, with influencers receiving a cut of the profits. Sergey Galyonkin, creator of Steam Spy and team member at Epic stated on Twitter that he “[believes] influencers are one of the main game discovery engines in the industry right now. Friends are the most important one, of course. In-store discovery while important is nowhere as important as those two.

Advanced UX Prototyping: Next Gen. Prototyping for Games & Apps.

Om Tandon, Director of UX at DIGIT, brings another instalment in his series of UX blogs. This one discusses what the author calls “Generation 2 Prototyping: Switching prototyping mindset from “T-Type” to “Type-8″ format” and using cross-discipline teamwork in creating high-fidelity prototypes. Read the whole article HERE.

2019 Predictions: Simulation & Customisation Games

Next categories Deconstructor of Fun predicts are Simulation and Customisation games. You can read it here.

6 exciting ways to implement a Battle Royale mode in your next game

Since Battle Royale came out as a genre and been a huge success, other genres have tried to incorporate similar modes as well. You can read the 6 examples, mostly coming from Chinese games here.

Success and sustainability at Supercell talks with Supercell teams about how they are treating their games that have been for years in the market. They talk about the challenges of keeping the existing players excited with new updates, about the difficulty of finding new players that haven’t played the game, etc.. A short cut from the interview: It can be challenging to maintain a game’s popularity over time, even with regular updates. Allison acknowledged that Clash Royale’s numbers have dropped off somewhat over time, but that is natural for a game that’s already a few years old. Allison said that it is less important to the team now to try to target business metrics such as revenue or player retention, and more important to focus on making a good game in the long-term.

News around the globe

  • Epic Games announced yesterday that they have acquired our neighbours from Novi Sad, 3Lateral which currently counts around 60 people. No financial details have been disclosed.  
  • Reuters reports that Chinese regulators have finally approved games of the biggest publishers in China – Tencent (2 games) and NetEase (1 game). Tencent immediately saw its shares increase value by 3%. However, Fortnite and PUBG still wait for approval.
  • As announced by ChinaDaily, NetEase is going to launch “anti-addiction system for underage mobile gamers” including the restriction that will prevent users under the age of 12 to play games from 09:30h pm to 08:30h am.
  • Flaregames and Kopla games say they will launch Nonstop Knight 2 later this year.

Notable new releases

53 games currently in a soft launch on iOS and Android


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